We teach Japanese classes in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

Japanese Futaba Language School


Greetings from Futaba Language School!

Nice to meet you!

Do you want to learn Japanese?

“Who is the right Japanese teacher for me?”

“Well, I want to learn from a professional teacher.”

“Is it cost-effective to hire a professional teacher?”

Here we are! We responds to such needs.

Our school (Futaba) is located at the heart of Osaka, 5 minute walking distance from Shinsaibashi Station. It is administrated by experienced Japanese language teachers who have passed strict examinations and received various training to teach the language of Japanese to non-Japanese people by using Japanese only. Of course, the teachers are all professional and experienced so you don’t have to feel any anxiety at all even though you are not confident in speaking in Japanese. We support our students whether they are beginners or advanced learners. In addition, we respond to many kinds of needs – we can help you gain daily conversation skills, business conversation skills. We can provide language trainings for companies and educational foundations, also for technological trainees and people who take JLPT examination. Also we can prepare intensive study courses for short term exchange students.

Our students can enjoy gaining some Japanese cultural experiences like trying calligraphy. We also hold enjoyable events regularly so that non-Japanese nationals can enjoy mingling with other Japanese learners and native Japanese speakers.

In our lesson, we are focused to have our students understand the varieties of delicate impressions that the Japanese language convey as nuances. We believe that such style of Japanese language education would help Japanese learners to understand more about Japanese culture, Japanese people’s viewpoints and their ways of thinking in deeper level so that they will be able to speak more natural Japanese.

Our final destination is to create the environment where, no matter where they are from, all kind of people can coexist upon mutual understandings so that they can create deepened bonds of friendship.

Futaba Language School

Teachers from Futaba

Mitsue Kunisada


President of Futaba Language School

Has taught Japanese for 17 years

Student level:elementary to advanced, study for JLPT, study for EJU, instruction on how to live in Japan to business classes

She is a friendly and cheerful person whose hobbies include bowling and golfing.

Her class is always enjoyable and full of laughter.

She incorporates calligraphy and origami lessons into the class and tries to help students learn about Japanese culture.

Yumiko Matsui

Vice president of Futaba Language School

Has taught Japanese for 16 years

Student level: elementary to advanced, business classes, study for JLPT, instruct on how to write Japanese essays, pronunciation and accent

She has experience teaching in the Japanese school of Saipan.

Her lessons in the sense of language are especially popular among her students.
She has students who come to take lessons for 10 years to learn the nuance of Japanese from her.
She likes playing the electronic organ, Hip-hop, karaoke and traveling.

Eriko Hatanaka

Has taught Japanese for 5 years

Student level: elementary to advanced, business classes, study for JLPT, instruct on business manner

Her specialty is instruction on hospitality and management. Her students learn Japanese mannerisms and ways to use polite language. She can provide Japanese classes in English if requested.

Junko Sakurai

Has taught Japanese for 9 years

Student level:elementary to advanced, study for JLPT

She lives in Saitama and is mainly responsible for company training in the Kanto area.
She can work with each individual student’s level from beginner to advanced.
Though she is not good at the Osaka dialect, she speaks beautiful standard Japanese.

Kunikazu Takeda


Has taught Japanese for 10 year

Student level:Elementary to advanced, study for JLPT, study for EJU, business classes.

After working for a travel agency, I experienced studying abroad in Australia and find my way to a Japanese teacher.
I always support your Japanese progress happily well.
On my off day, I go for favorite fishing with my wife.

Hiromi Abe


Has taught Japanese for 26 year

Student level:Elementary to advanced, study for JLPT, business classes ,business manner

I respect the purpose of my students.
I keep in my mind to teach my students patiently until they will completely understand.
I really hope to support my students to come true their dreams.
I like reading,books , watching performances(Kabuki and musical theater, etc) and going to the trip.
I also enjoy looking at art and listening to the music.
I have experienced calligraphy and tea ceremony.
I have been fund-raising activities as UNICEF.

Company Profile

School name Futaba Language School
Company Name Futaba, co.,ltd.
Office Address 4-10-20-1101,Minami Senba, Chuou-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
Company Representative Mitsue Kunisada (Chief Executive Officer)
Establishment Feb. 2007
Founded 10th Nov. 2017
Business outline
  1. Offering comprehensive Japanese education and custom to foreigners who live in japan
  2. Supporting expatriates with their daily life
  3. Giving various training based on Japanese business etiquette
  4. Giving all students consultation regarding their obstacles at work or in life
  5. Translation
Official Website https://www.futaba-japanese.com/

About opening hours and inssuing student Visa

  1. Futaba Language School is closed on Sundays, National Holidays and for periods around the Obon and New Year holiday periods (we will inform all students in advance of the exact dates).
  2. Outside of the holiday periods stated above, Futaba Language School is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00.
  3. Our school can’t issue a Visa.

Futaba Social Support Program

Charity Message Bag Project

Charity message bag

Charity Activity since the Great East Japan Earthquake
Spreading smiles across Japan: Charity Message Bag Project

【Details of the Charity Message Bag Project】

On March the 11th a big earthquake happened in Japan. We thought about what we could do about it, being just a small language school in Osaka. We knew that not only Japanese people but people from all over the world had the same feeling. We wanted all people in Japan to cheer up and smile. We started a charity activity, writing a message of warmth and desire on a bag which was then sold with all profits being contributed to the Japansese red cross. We hope that seeing these heart warming messages will bring you hope, courage, energy and lots of smiles.
We’ll continue this charity activity, and we sincerely hope revival even a day early.

YouTube Film: Nihon ni genki to egao wo hirogeyou

This films shows the bags created by the people who participated in our project.