We teach Japanese classes in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

Japanese Futaba Language School




  • *Our teachers will customize the curriculum for each student and choose his/her textbooks, and other teaching materials upon consultation.


“What do you like about Futaba Language School?”

Ms. M.T. from Brazil (Full time worker at a Japanese company):

  • ・It’s great that we can commute to the school at our convenient time.
  • ・The lessons enabled me to learn Japanese usages which would be
     directly useful at my work place.
  • ・Our teachers are so supportive even outside their work duties.
  • ・Our teachers respond to our requests in a flexible manner.
     Also it is good that we can take the lesson that we have missed
     at another day.
  • ・I have a duty to give a short speech in Japanese at my company’s
     morning meetings. As a preparation of my speech, my teacher
     kindly checks what I would say and correct my Japanese.
     I appreciate this kind of assistance.

Mr. A.M. from United Kingdom (Director/lecturer at the language center of a graduate school):

  • ・The school’s location is very good and it is convenient for me to
  • ・Lesson fees are quite reasonable.
  • ・When I visited the school at the first time, a teacher did a good
     consultation, trying to understand my goal of study, learning style
     and lifestyle. As a result, my study plan which the teacher and I
     designed together was quite suitable for me.
  • ・My teacher is very supportive to me.
  • ・My teacher does a very good job at setting the goals of my study and
     coordinates my lessons accordingly.
  • ・The lessons correspond to my needs. My purpose of studying
     Japanese language has changed time to time in a year period, but
     always my purpose is accomplished because of the flexible mindset
     of our teachers.
  • ・At the time that I need some assistances in writing Japanese
     (Ex. writing emails in Japanese at my work place), my teacher assists
     me very well.
  • ・My teacher knows my area of interests and sometimes she gives
     a lesson, using the  newspaper articles which I may show some
     great interests.
  • ・I enjoy attending the events that the school organizes (ex. a day trip).